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Tủ thử nghiệm môi trường nhiệt độ và áp suất theo độ cao KOMEG KU

Giá bán: liên hệ
Doanh nghiệp: VintechME - 1Tech Việt Nam
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  • Model: KU
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Environmental adaptability and reliability test for the instruments and meters, electrical products, materials, spare parts, equipment, etc at low pressure, high temperature, low temperature, under the effect of a single factor or multiple factors at the same time. Test for electric performance parameters of the specimen. Mainly used in aviation, aerospace, information, electronics and other industries.


●External pressure type box body structure and stainless steel tank design, rational air circulation system and scientific layout of the heating, refrigerating system.
●Adopts international brand of imported parts for the cooling system to improve operation reliability
●High precision and stable performance with touch screen controller, friendly Man-Machine interface.
●Multiple layers of safety device to easy maintenance.

Standards Implement and Met



1. Dedicatetouch and excellent user experience
2. Unique and compact design, top-grade appearance, stable performance and easy operation
3. Can simulate a wide range of temperature and humidity environments
4. Capable of testing large components, assemblies, and finished products
5. Customized sizes and configurations available
6. One-year warranties

Inner Size (D*W*H)mm800*700*9001000*1000*1000800*700*9001000*1000*1000
Chamber Volume(L)50410005041000
PerformanceTemp range-40℃~+150℃-70℃~+150℃
Temp constancy±0.5%
Temp deviation≥100℃, ±3.0℃(at constant pressure with empty load)
<100℃, ±2.0℃(at constant pressure with empty load)
Cooling rate0.7℃~1.0℃/min(Overall average)
Pressure rangeConstant pressure ~1kPa
Pressure constancyWhen ≥40kPa, ±2kPa,     4kPa~40pKa  ±0.5kPa,   when≤4kPa, ±0.1kPa
Depressurization rateConstant pressure~1kPa≤30mins(Normal temp)
Pressure recovery rate10kPa/Min(adjustable)
MaterialExterior materialCold-rolled steel sheet(Rust proof&Plastic Spray treated)/Stainless Steel plate
Interior materialStainless steel(SUS304)
Pressurized partsHigh quality steel plate(Rustproof & Plastic spray treated)  
Insulation materialHigh-quality glass wool
Cooling SystemCompressorSemi-Hermetic Compressor
Cooling ModeWater-cooled
Temp regulating methodBalanced Temperature & Humidity Control System (BTHC)
PumpRotary vane type vacuum pump
HeaterIron-chrome wire heater
Sight windowCircular viewing glass incorporating heat generator
Temp SensorPt-100
ControllerTouch Screen Controller  
Safety DevicesOverpressure, overheat and over current protection for compressor, over temp. protection, overload protection for the blower, Hydraulic and Water lack Protection, leakage protection, phase-lack protection, Pump failure alarm
Standard AccessorySight window, Cable Port( 1 located on the left side), Baffle, Baffle frame*2  
PowerAC380V/50Hz, 3Phase 5 wires+ Ground Wire. 
Note: 1. We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice 
 2. Customized sizes and configurations available


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